• Union Cowork East Village (map)
  • 704 J Street
  • San Diego, CA, 92101
  • United States

Thanks to the rapidly expanding craft coffee industry in America, we're seeing a rapid influx of people attracted take up careers in the industry, specifically to becoming baristas. As this culture shift progresses, and the role of the barista shifts from being viewed as a "fill in" job, to a legitimate long term career, we're faced with the task of empowering baristas with the tools to map out a career path that takes them beyond a minimum wage job, onto a fulfilling, well thought out and legitimate career into the years ahead.

This workshop, designed for baristas (and those hoping to be baristas) only, is focused on unpacking what the role of the Barista is in todays rapidly evolving American craft coffee landscape. We'll go into detail about what a long term career spanning 10 years should look like if mapped with consideration.

The workshop will be run by Lee Safar, San Diego based Australian specialty coffee career barista of 15 years (Australia, USA and London) and long time entrepreneur (owner of Elixir Specialty Coffee).