With the next installment of the SDTNT Season One just around the corner, it's time to set the stage for next week's competition at Solutions Espresso. The 32 baristas who competed at Caffe Calabria were not just competing for that night's prizes, but also for points that measure their overall performance throughout the season. They earned points for competing, advancing, and placing in the top four. The complete breakdown is as follows:

5 points - Sign up

5 points - Advancing

10 points - 4th Place

15 points - 3rd Place

25 points - 2nd Place

35 points - 1st Place


The top eight baristas, in terms of points, after the fourth SDTNT at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters will qualify for a Champion's Bracket. They will be randomly drawn into the 8-person bracket and free pour head-to-head for grand prizes, including a Baratza Encore home grinder. The prizes will be announced as soon as they are finalized. 

So, without further ado, here are the standings after Round One of the SDTNT:

1. Joshua Bonner, Chula Vista: 60 points

2. Anton Dimov, Caffe Calabria: 50 points

3. James Davalos, Kean Coffee: 35 points

4. Andrew Gomez, Cafecito Organico: 30 points

5. Four tied with 15 points : Brooklyn McGraw, Koffi; Vanessa Lovel, Cafe Virtuoso; Michelle, Zumbar Coffee Roasters; and Patrick Conley, Coffee and Tea Collective.

9. Eight tied with 10 points: Art Medina, DCB; Matt Fischler, North Park; Jorge Serrano, Das Cortes; Guillermo Sanchez, Home Barista; BreAnn Leuthner, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters; Max Dimitrov, Caffe Calabria; Amanda Santoni, Cafe Virtuoso; and Nickbob, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters.

17. 16 tied with 5 points: Nester S., Tijuana; Adam Chandler, Zumber Coffee Roasters; Michael, Home Barista; Kylie Provost, Cafecito Organico; Mike Morgensted, Joe Roasting; Stephen Freese, Coffee and Tea Collective; Yael Benor, Koffi; Ihona Francois, Baja California; Ximena Soto, Das Cortez; Adriana Uriostegui, Cafe Moto; Juilian Giron, DCB; Daniel H., Home Barista; Katy Toohey, Koffi; Alfredo Del Castillo, DCB; Lindsey Sulinal, Zumbar Coffee Roasters; and Jonathon Sepulveda, Beyond the Grind.


We hope to see all the competitors at Solutions next Thursday! And, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the standings, please email matt@sdcoffeenetwork.com for clarification.