Photo of Season 1, Round 2 at  Solutions Espresso Service . Photo by Jared Armijo-Wardle of the SDCN.

Photo of Season 1, Round 2 at Solutions Espresso Service. Photo by Jared Armijo-Wardle of the SDCN.

If you didn't get a copy of yesterday's Union Tribune, you can view "Fueling Up", the first in a new series by Roxanna Popescu, entitled "Fueled," which will document what's happening in the coffee community in San Diego.

We couldn't be happier to be a part of the article. It means the SDCN is doing what we set out to do: draw attention to our industry and the great people that make it special. Without the talented baristas serving the expertly roasted coffee, there would be nothing to showcase. The support we've received, especially from the baristas on the front lines, has caught us completely by surprise.

And we would just like to thank you for making it happen. Thank you for showing up to our events and making them more successful than we thought possible. And thank you to all the roasters and sponsors who have helped us out as we have figured out how to handle all the attention and turn it into something to benefit all those who work with, drink or just plain enjoy coffee.

Without further ado, in anticipation of our next event at Young Hickory, here are your SDTNT Season One Barista Standings, after two rounds:

1) Joshua Bonner, Independent: 105 points.

2) Round 2 winner Vanessa Lovel; Cafe Virtuoso: 70 points.

3) Anton Dimov, Caffe Calabria: 50 points.

4) Patrick Conley, Coffee and Tea Collective: 45 points

5) Dylan Michalek, Slayer Roolz: 35 points

5) James Davalos, Kean Coffee: 35 points.

7) Andrew Gomez, Cafecito Organico: 30 points.

8) NickBob, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters: 25 points.

8) Jorge Serrano, Das Cortez: 25 points.

10) Three tied with 20 points: Stephen Freese, Coffee and Tea Collective; Matt Fishler, Home Barista; Michelle Gomes, Zumbar.

13) Three tied with 15: Brooklyn McGraw, Koffi; Lindsey Salinas, Zumbar; Javier Lopez Encinas, Das Cortes.

16) 14 tied with 10 points:  Art Medina, DCB; Guillermo Sanchez, Home Barista; BreAnn Leuther, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters; Max Dimitrov, Caffe Calabria; Amanda Santoni, Cafe Virtuoso; Louis Gabbarg, Coffee Couture; Kasey Mag, Cafe Ipe; Meri Hamilton, Lofty Coffee; Hannah Bonner, Ladies and Gentlemen; Lindsey Vargo, Caffe Calabria; Miguel Torre, Das Cortes; Jhona Francois, Spazio Cafe; Daniel Holcomb, Coffee and Tea Collective; Adriana Uriostegui, Cafe Moto.

30) 16 tied with 5 points.

There you have it. If you have any questions, please email for clarification.

One last little tid bit in an attempt to spice up this post, here is a picture of the cappuccino from Go Get Em Tiger I was enjoying while writing this. Enjoy!