Adriana Uriostegui of  Cafe Moto  with the winning pour! Photo by Jared Armijo-Wardle.

Adriana Uriostegui of Cafe Moto with the winning pour! Photo by Jared Armijo-Wardle.

We love to highlight our Barista community here at the Network, and this week we're getting to know Adriana Uriostegui of Cafe Moto. Your latest San Diego TNT champ! Last Thursday she arose victorious over the Barista to beat this Season, Joshua Bonner. Bonner, known for executing some of the most technical pours wasn't quite able to pull it off on overall aesthetics in the final pour, and Uriostegui poured to please, which proved to be the winning strategy. Well done!

We caught up with Uriostegui later and she took a moment to tell us a little bit more about herself.

SDCN: Where do you hail from?

Adriana: I grew up in San Diego, but I was born in Cuernava Morelos, MX.

SDCN: What is the strangest request you've received as a Barista?

Adriana: One of the strangest requests I've had is a customer who wanted me to blend our ice coffee with 2 tablespoons salted butter and heavy whipping cream.

SDCN: Favorite non-coffee adult beverage?

Adriana: I really enjoy tea. One of my favorites is Japanese cherry Sakura green tea. It has a delicate sweetness, smooth body, and refreshing finish whether iced or hot.

SDCN: Any defining coffee moments, or mentor shout outs?

Adriana: My defining moment with coffee was when I steamed milk for the first time. It sounds silly, but it felt so natural even my coworker was impressed. I want to acknowledge Deidre Carpenter who was the one who took the time to encourage my interest in coffee and translate her passion of coffee to me. She was so detailed and the fact that she wouldn't compromise any beverage made me even more interested and invested in my development in coffee.

SDCN: First coffee memory?

Adriana: My first coffee memory was seeing my mom with a mug filled with a beverage every morning and afternoon. I was so curious to know what this beverage was, and it wasn't until I asked what it was that she let me try it. She said to me that it was coffee and she couldn't start her day without it. That's when I realized not only did I like it, but I wanted to start my day the same way.

SDCN: We know it is beginning to sound cliche, but if you could only pick 3 albums while stranded on an island, what would they be?

Adriana: Hard to pick only 3 since there's so many good ones, but I do enjoy listening to Lana Del Rey (Born to Die Album), Florence & The Machine (Ceremonials Album), and MGMT (Ocular Spectacular).

SDCN: Why compete?

Adriana: Why not compete? I'm always looking for an opportunity to learn and experience more about coffee and competing is definitely one of these avenues. Supporting the San Diego coffee scene is also a huge part in competing.

We like the way Ms. Uriostegui thinks! Until next time, be on the look out for Barista Standings. The Bird Rock Coffee Finale is just around the corner!