Words by Jessica Percifield. Photos by Julie Rings.

Caffe Calabria, San Diego's signature Italian style cafe, is the origin of July's Roast of the month shared with SD Coffee Club subscribers earlier this month. The Calabria Blend is also used as the cafe's espresso iced coffee boasting a balance of coffees from Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Ethiopia.

Ken Rauen, Lead Barista and Wholesale Trainer at Caffe Calabria, kindly met up with us to share a cup via the aeropress, which is quickly becoming a ubiquitous favorite for home brewing and a new pour over method offered in specialty coffee cafes across the US.

As Rauen carefully grinds and measures the coffee to water ratio, he praises the aeropress for being so user friendly. As long as you dial in the grind size, you generally can't muck it up. He also likes that the aeropress seems to enhance the "Heavier syrupy flavors" of the Calabria Blend.

For those enjoying at home or in the cafe, the Calabria Blend is known for tasting notes of chocolate, vanilla, a low bearing sweetness deriving a bit of acidity from Ethiopia and earthiness from Sumatra.

For those who have traveled Europe and have fond memories of sipping espresso and eating pastry, Caffe Calabria, is definitely your staycation coffee destination.

Like so many local Roasters, Caffe Calabria also offers a new loose leaf organic tea line that is also sure to please. We sampled their Scottish Pu-Erh with its caramel earthy butterscotch notes and swooned. A crowd pleaser and a lovely tea coffee lovers can love. We had a chance to fill our senses with a few other teas that blew us away, so we definitely encourage checking out their tea offerings next time you're in the cafe.

If you'd like to discover what's being roasted around San Diego each month, visit the SD Coffee Club and subscribe. Gift subscriptions are also available. Until next time! Drink Local. Drink Often. And happy coffee-ing San Diego!