Words and photos by Jessica Percifield Henry.

Words and photos by Jessica Percifield Henry.

Does this year's openings and rumors of openings have your head buzzing? We're definitely buzzing over the opening of Achilles Coffee Roasters. Achilles Coffee Roasters located on Cortez Hill at 703 Ash Street, is also known by another name, the Roast Coach, a coffee cart known by locals far and wide.

We were able to talk briefly with owner, Chad Bell, who was busy with the build-out and expansion of the cafe, which opened earlier this year in May. Achilles was named after his young son, and Bell plans to house his roaster in the expanded portion of the cafe providing more seating and a roast house experience.

If you remember your Greek Mythology, Achilles was one of the central characters of Homer's Iliad and the mythological hero of the Trojan War famous for his valor and manly beauty, whose only weakness was his ankle, thus the name we use today for the Achilles Tendon (heel). We gotta say, we had trouble finding an Achilles heel in their coffee delivery. From the house made vanilla syrup to the cold brew (we recommend the medium roast), there's something for every coffee drinker. We like that drinks are listed by roast profile, as it makes it easier for you to quickly know which you usually prefer. And with friendly service, you can always just ask the Barista what they would recommend. But they do it all.

Below is a list of recent openings. We'll be featuring a photo tour of Carlsbad very soon. Pop Pie Co. and TECHOUTFITTERS are still under construction, but we want to keep them in mind as they will be opening soon!

  1. Loose Leaf Tea Bar (Oceanside - now serving Dark Horse Coffee Roasters)
  2. Baba Coffee (Carlsbad)
  3. Steady State Roasting (Carlsbad)
  4. Sleeping Tiger Coffees (Carlsbad)
  5. S3 Coffee Bar (Mission Valley)
  6. Pop Pie Co. (University Heights)

Are we missing your favorite local coffee spot on our MAP? Write us at info@sdcoffeenetwork.com using "MAP" in the subject line and we'll add it during our next update.