Words by Pablo Lara, SDCN Blog Editor & Chief. Photos by Julie Rings, SDCN Social Media Manager. 

Man, time is running out and mom sure does deserve a special gift. We compiled a list of gift ideas for mom, weather she’s a lover of coffee or tea. The following items can all be purchased at local cafes; this means you get to buy a little treat for yourself too.

Coffee and Tea Collective:

Kalita Wave:  Made from stainless steel, this is one of the preferred pour over mechanisms right now. The Kalita wave was used by many of the top coffee brewers in the nation at this year’s Brewers Cup. Its flat bottom design allows for a more even extraction, which translates into a tastier cup!  

Kalita Wave Stainless Steel: $40 Kalita Filters: $13.

Drink Recommendation: Cool down with their amazing sparkling teas like their rooibos with orange peel. 

Photo by  Julie Rings . Kalita Stainless Steel: $40 Kalita Filters: $13.

Photo by Julie Rings. Kalita Stainless Steel: $40 Kalita Filters: $13.

Dark Horse:

Travel/Camping Silicone Coffee Dripper: Ideal for the moms who love their weekend camping trips to Joshua Tree. This foldable dripper is made out of silicone in the loveliest shade of teal. If your mom is super fancy and loves a Swarovski clutch, this will definitely fit inside of it too. 

Travel/Camping Silicone Coffee Dripper: $9.99

Drink Recommendation: The Dark Horse on Adams Ave. now serves espresso drinks so get yourself a macchiato, or two. 

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings . Travel/Camping Silicone Coffee Dripper: $9.99

Photo by Julie Rings. Travel/Camping Silicone Coffee Dripper: $9.99

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

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Cafe Moto:

Linea Mini: If you really love your mother you need to buy her this espresso machine. Italian powerhouse, La Marzocco, decided to make a home espresso machine modeled after their iconic Linea. The beauty of this machine rivals that of your mother, but don’t tell her that. It comes in matted white, with a professional steam wand on the right.

Linea Mini: $4,495.

Drink Recommendation:  After purchasing that Linea Mini you might be too broke for a drink, if not then you must have a Cubano Cortado.

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings . Linea Mini: $4,495.

Photo by Julie Rings. Linea Mini: $4,495.

Copa Vida:

Hario Tea Pitcher: If your mom loves tea, don’t pick on her; embrace it (it’s the mature thing to do.) We found a beautiful tea pitcher for loose leaf brewing at the gorgeous Copa Vida East Village. Glass equipment made by Hario is highly durable and the design is always crisp. Don’t forget to pick up some Egyptian Chamomile by the Art of Tea.

Hario Tea Pitcher: $38.88 Egyptian Chamomile: $11.

Drink Recommendation: Get a single origin espresso, made with their Burundi Dukorere Ikawa. The shot is very memorable, with notes peach and delicate florals.

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings . Hario Tea Pitcher: $38.88 Egyptian Chamomile: $11.

Photo by Julie Rings. Hario Tea Pitcher: $38.88 Egyptian Chamomile: $11.

Hawthorn Coffee

VO 1 Tea Pitcher: This is another great tea pitcher for those Zen moms out there. You can brew up to 16oz in this infusion brewer; custom designed by local tea company Mad Monk Tea. Mom works hard at the yoga studio so indulge her in a precious bag of Wild Mountain Red tea from Mad Monk, also available for purchase at Hawthorn Coffee.

VO 1 Tea Pitcher: $25 Wild Mountain Red Tea: $37

Drink Recommendation: Hawthorn does a wonderful job brewing that Wild Mountain Red tea. Get an iced one to go and walk down Adams Ave. This will most likely be the best iced-tea you have ever tasted, it’s like drinking flowers covered in milky caramel. 

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings . VO 1 Tea Pitcher: $25 Wild Mountain Red Tea: $37

Photo by Julie Rings. VO 1 Tea Pitcher: $25 Wild Mountain Red Tea: $37

James Coffee:

Ok lets be real these next items are totally for you and not your mother, but you’ve surely been like a mother to someone. James Coffee is rapidly expanding their merchandise selection and doing an exceptional job curating it. We fell in love with their coffee inspired enamel lapel pins; a good barista should always wear a Chemex close to their heart. Best of all, for the past couple of months they have been carrying Standart Magazine. This coffee publication from Slovakia has it all. The articles are fun and educational, the photography is exceptional and its focus on coffee is multidimensional. David Kennedy, co-owner of James Coffee, mentioned that he was inspired by shops like Verve in Santa Cruz that offer a rich selection of merchandise. He loves how merchandise can reflect the interests and personality of the company.

Enamel Lapel Pins: $10 Standart Magazine: $15

Drink Recommendation: The cortado is the perfect drink to walk around while you check out all their cool merch!  

Photo by  Julie Rings . Coffee Pins: $10 Standart Magazine: $15

Photo by Julie Rings. Coffee Pins: $10 Standart Magazine: $15

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.

Photo by  Julie Rings .

Photo by Julie Rings.