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Setting the Stage for Round Two! Standings are Out!

If you couldn't make it to last month's SDTNT at Coffee & Tea Collective, you missed out. I don't mean to rub it in, but what a show. Daniel "What Will He Pour Into Next?" Holcomb, C&T's owner with a knack for flair, wowed the crowd with innovative and difficult pours all night, outlasting some very talented baristas on the way to winning the event. It marked the second time a C&T barista won on their home machine, making them a perfect 2-0 when hosting an SDTNT.

Pablo Lara, the SDCN's volunteer staff writer and barista at Cafe Virtuoso, captured that night beautifully in his recap, which you can read here. Even if you were there, give it a read. That was only the first of four SDTNTs this season, which has baristas competing not only for that night's purse and prizes, but points (review them here) counting towards the overall season standings. At the season finale in October, the top eight baristas will compete after the final SDTNT for grand prizes, including an engraved SDCN tamp.

So, without further ado, I present the first standings of Season Two:

1st. Daniel Holcomb, Coffee &Tea Collective: 60 points

2nd. Alex McDaniel, Elixir: 55 points

3rd. Adrianna Urioustegui, Cafe Moto: 35 points*

4th. TJ Titus, Higher Grounds: 30 points*

5th. Three tied with 20 points: Marco Briseno, Elixir; Lindsey Salinas, Zumbar; and Miguel Torre, Das Cortez.

8th. Three tied with 15 points: Stephen Freese, C&T Collective; Kayla Noyce, Cafe Moto; and Sam Hong, Copa Vida.

11th: 12 tied with 10 points

23rd. 22 tied with 5 points

*I didn't record who won the third place pour-off. If I got it wrong, please let me know and I will correct it.

Please email if there are any errors. 

The completed bracket. 

The completed bracket. 


Good luck to all those who are going to compete tonight at Lofty! Remember, Brian Pitman of EMPIRE is doubling the purse tonight, so bring your A game! See you there!